I was born in Turangi, New Zealand but grew up in Broome, Western Australia. I was an extremely active kid playing just about every sport that was available to me.

At the age of 9 I first learnt the benefits of training and how vital it was going to be if I wanted to be the best at everything I did. From that point on my competitive nature developed as I began my training journey.

Growing up I became a State Champion Surf Life Saver and National Competitor, a multiple school, interschool and regional Athletics record holder. I led the school Football Team, the Kimberley Football Team and local Football Teams to multiple premierships and received multiple sports and young leadership awards which I assign all of the credit for to my willingness to train and to practice to always become better at everything I did in my aim to be the best.

As I completed high school in Broome I knew that I wanted a career based somewhat around sport, fitness and training. After deciding that I wanted to help others realise their potential through training, I decided to move to Perth to start my career as a Personal Trainer.


My mission is simple. I want to help people become the best possible version of themselves. If you ask for my help, I promise to help you. I promise to be there for you. I promise to push you and I promise to demand everything it takes to ensure you that you achieve everything we set out to!

I began my Personal Training career in 2012 in a small gym in Fremantle, WA. I started Fitness Fidelity PT to service all people who seeked my help, I grew to the point at which I had to open my first Personal Training Facility in Bibra Lake, WA. I had a great team of four Personal Trainers under the Fitness Fidelity PT brand and it quickly outgrew our first location. I then opened a MASSIVE 965m2 Private Training Facility, we had 17 Trainers under the brand over nearly five years in our amazing location!

As the Fitness Fidelity PT brand grew, along with it came a lot more responsibilities as well as a lot more time and attention. As much as I loved having so many people coming through my doors to work on themselves with either myself or one of our amazing Trainers, I found myself often wanting to get back to why I chose a career as a Personal Trainer. I wanted to help my own clients on a much more personal level.

In 2020 I closed the doors to Fitness Fidelity Personal Training and decided to devote all of my time to helping those that ask for my help!

If you want some help to become a little bit better at anything and think I could help, contact me and let me see what I can do for you!


Why do I want to help you? I want to help you because I've seen the change and the differences that can be made through the discipline of training.

I’ve seen peoples lives completely turn around for the better through training with me. I've seen friendships begin and grow between some of the people that have come together through training with me. I've seen people achieve great success through training with me. I've seen people become pain free through training with me. I've seen people do things they never thought possible through training with me. I've seen people become more confident through training with me. I've seen a lot of people become better versions of themselves through training with me and that makes me happy.


It’s more than just exercise. It’s about happiness. At 18 years old I learnt that nothing in the world is more important than happiness. At a micro level it's important to always be happy, to always be positive, to always be smiling. Yes, I understand that its hard to ALWAYS be happy. But at a macro level you need to be happy. You need to be happy in your job, you need to be happy in your relationships, you need to be happy with all of the decisions you make in life. When you go to sleep at night you need to be happy and proud of the person you are, or proud of the person you are becoming.

What's my master plan? I want to be happy and proud of the person I am every night when I go to sleep. How am I going to do that? By helping as many people as possible be happy and proud of themselves when they do too.