Many years ago, after being diagnosed with high blood sugar, I decided I needed a regular exercise routine. Took myself off to a gym, got an exercise plan and for years plodded along, keeping fitter than I was, and I am sure healthier than doing nothing. But 2 and a bit years ago I decided I wanted more out of my gym sessions and signed up with Dylan to guide me into an improved fitness regime. I would have to say one of the better decisions in my life. Today I feel better than for many years, my body is toned and I think I look OK for my age.  

Fitness Fidelity offer a very personal training regime and I now have my wife and youngest son signed up as well ... Dylan is a caring trainer who demands enough to achieve the goals you are aiming for. Thanks for some great results.

Phillip Winkless

I decided to train with Fitness Fidelity [Dylan] to increase my fitness and and overall appearance. Not only have I achieved those goals but I have achieved goals I didn't even know I had. I have had an underlying shoulder injury for over four years spending hundreds of dollars on physiotherapy and more. I never would have thought that simply training with Fitness Fidelity  regularly would not only help the injury but over time simply make it disappear. I love that I can talk openly with my trainer and say as a typical girl I'm feeling pudgy here, help me! Or I have career goals that require a physical test can we change it up. They go above and beyond to create fun sessions that I leave feeling buggered yes, but strong and ready for what ever the week throws at me. Thank you to the wonderful team at Fitness Fidelity.

Ashlie Williamson

You helped save my life Dylan and just wanted to say you knew how to push me to my limit with every session. All this whilst still making me enjoy and want to train and keep coming back for more punishment and to me that's what it is all about. Just wanted to say thankyou for sticking with me and I definitely recommend you with high regard :) Cheers.

Andrew Knox

Before I started Dylan's bootcamps last year, I couldn't run more than a couple of hundred metres and now can comfortably run 12kms or more; something I could never have imagined myself ever doing. My fitness levels have improved so much since my first few sessions and I've finally found something I enjoy doing and have stuck to. That's because Dylan keeps his bootcamps interesting and fun, and keeps pushing you every session - even if you hate him for it at the time! I actually look forward to getting up early on a Wednesday and Saturday to come to bootcamp!!

Sarah Stone

If you want to get fit, this is the place! They work you hard but you know what they say, no pain no gain. Thanks to my dad for getting me down to see Dylan.

David Winkless